Energy crisis



From now on we produce our own electricity with pure solar energy!

Support our photovoltaic project NOW and book your holiday directly online.

… and up to the next Round!

2 neue “Thermo Pumps” will help us in the year of 2024 to use our own solar power in optimum ways. Yes to autonomy!

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The new challenge of the “energy crisis” is keeping Switzerland on its toes – and us as well. In order to avoid the announced energy price increase of initially 800%, we had to act immediately in autumn 2022.

A new photovoltaic system with 235 KW/h peak now crowns the roofs of La Campagnola and produces pure solar energy, which can supply us and others with home-made electricity!

Green Energy in numbers – for the first week of production in March:

  • Produced energy 5,132 MW/h
  • The energy produced is equivalent to 280 trees

  • The energy produced is equivalent to 2000 kg of coal
  • CO2 reduction 5117 kg


The challenge remains – at the moment we can only produce 2/3 of our electricity needs – during the night and in unfavorable weather, electricity has to be bought at prices that are still high. An increase of our room prices to minimize costs is out of the question for us. We are going into the second round and plan to expand our project with the 2nd phase: roofing of the parking spaces with solar panels and batteries for 100% self-sufficiency. Green Energy also for your electric vehicle!

We thank you for your support, look forward to your next visit and hope for countless hours of sunshine this season!

Family Stefano & Nicole Zopp├Ę