Family Hotel in Ticino


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Springtime – Family fun in Ticino?

The winter was long, cold and with an abundance of snow – what we need now is pure sun, a jump into the heated pool, a deep breath of mediterranean air, culinary delicacies and a little bit of live music for the soul. All in all, we need quality time for the entire family…

Family paradise above the Lago Maggiore with a fantastic view!

Welcome to “La Campagnola”!

Nestled within a lush Mediterranean landscape, our one-of-a-kind hotel overlooks the breathtaking Lago Maggiore and Southern Swiss Alps. Enjoy some well-deserved peace and quiet away from everyday life and immerse yourself in a world of leisure.

Whatever you may be seeking, here you will find seamless and friendly service, exceptional amenities and a kid-friendly environment… all at a great value. Providing each of our guests with an enjoyable and first-class experience is our top priority.

You won’t be disappointed!

Family Stefano & Nicole Zoppè with Gina and Sam

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